Night Golf

When the Sun Goes Down There Is No Need to Put Away Your Clubs


At Robins Nest you and your group can play at night… All you need is your clubs, we take care of everything else.

If you’ve never played, we use a ball specifically designed for play at night. The Balls are provided by the course as part of the fee. We do require that you return it at the end of the night. Each ball is a glow ball so you can see where it goes. The tees are all marked with lights so you know where to tee off from. The greens have a glow stick on the flag pole so you can find the hole.

The rest is up to you!!

FEES: The fee to play night golf is $16.00 per person with a minimum of 20 required. We can accommodate groups as large as 72. Pull carts are included in the fee. We are sorry but riding carts are not permitted for night events due to safety concerns.

In addition to your night golf event we can also supply catering to make your event more enjoyable (call for pricing). However if you would prefer to do your own food service we have a gas grill on site for your convenience.